Desperately Needed Update

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey Dawg Fans!!

Sorry for the delay in blog updates, this will be a long one!

Our last update was from the Florida game, and we have played tons of games since then! March 2nd-3rd we had ATOWN THROWDOWN where several teams all across the states came to our tournament! We played BYU, Colorado, Colorado State and Texas. We ended up 2-2 at the end of the weekend, with exciting wins over Colorado & Texas!

The next games we played were at South Carolina where we played USC and Kennesaw State University! We beat both teams! The following weekend we played UCF, where we fought hard. The game was very back and forth & the Dawgs were up the entire game until the last 5ish minutes! UCF pulled ahead and scored a goal, and scored another goal in the last second of the game. A very tough loss!

The Dawgs trained hard the next 2 weeks preparing for the SWLL Championships! We beat South Carolina in the first round by 10 goals!! In the second round we had to face the Gators, where we sadly lost by 1 goal in the last few minutes. Unfortunately this was the end of a well fought season!

Michele Manis & Lisa “Avatar” Riondet were named to the All SWLL Team, and Michele Manis was named SWLL Defender of the Year for the THIRD year in a row!! 3 new captains were named for next years season: Lindsay Brinker, Lisa “Avatar” Riondet, & Kelly Arnhart. We have had some of the greatest seniors ever this year and we are going to miss them so much next year!!! Seniors included: Michele Manis (C), Mary Cate McCue (C), Taylor Lugash (C), Kaitlin Shumate (President), Samantha Segers (Treasurer), and Lindsey “Wiggles” Isaf!

Our new executive board was also voted on!! Emily Seidel (President), Callie Wheatley (Co-Vice President), Lindsey “Fran” DeFranchesco (Co-Vice President), Murphy Furguson (Treasurer), Jenna Dreyer (Fundraising), Wallace Morgan (Public Relations), Madeline Schnuck (Gear), Katie Ezell (Social)! Congrats girls!!

We have our banquet this Saturday where many awards will be given out, and I will share those awards on Sunday!!



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