Interested Players!!

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Hey Dawg Fans!

Anyone who is interested in trying out for the UGA Women’s Club team or wants more information on the team send an email to our coach at and one of our captains at


Desperately Needed Update

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Hey Dawg Fans!!

Sorry for the delay in blog updates, this will be a long one!

Our last update was from the Florida game, and we have played tons of games since then! March 2nd-3rd we had ATOWN THROWDOWN where several teams all across the states came to our tournament! We played BYU, Colorado, Colorado State and Texas. We ended up 2-2 at the end of the weekend, with exciting wins over Colorado & Texas!

The next games we played were at South Carolina where we played USC and Kennesaw State University! We beat both teams! The following weekend we played UCF, where we fought hard. The game was very back and forth & the Dawgs were up the entire game until the last 5ish minutes! UCF pulled ahead and scored a goal, and scored another goal in the last second of the game. A very tough loss!

The Dawgs trained hard the next 2 weeks preparing for the SWLL Championships! We beat South Carolina in the first round by 10 goals!! In the second round we had to face the Gators, where we sadly lost by 1 goal in the last few minutes. Unfortunately this was the end of a well fought season!

Michele Manis & Lisa “Avatar” Riondet were named to the All SWLL Team, and Michele Manis was named SWLL Defender of the Year for the THIRD year in a row!! 3 new captains were named for next years season: Lindsay Brinker, Lisa “Avatar” Riondet, & Kelly Arnhart. We have had some of the greatest seniors ever this year and we are going to miss them so much next year!!! Seniors included: Michele Manis (C), Mary Cate McCue (C), Taylor Lugash (C), Kaitlin Shumate (President), Samantha Segers (Treasurer), and Lindsey “Wiggles” Isaf!

Our new executive board was also voted on!! Emily Seidel (President), Callie Wheatley (Co-Vice President), Lindsey “Fran” DeFranchesco (Co-Vice President), Murphy Furguson (Treasurer), Jenna Dreyer (Fundraising), Wallace Morgan (Public Relations), Madeline Schnuck (Gear), Katie Ezell (Social)! Congrats girls!!

We have our banquet this Saturday where many awards will be given out, and I will share those awards on Sunday!!


Important Change for UF Game

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The game is at Alpharetta North Park (13450 Cogburn Road Alpharetta, GA)!!! Due to the rain it could not be held at the UGA Club Fields!

Go DAWGS!! Beat Florida!!!

So Cal

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Hey Dawg Fans!!

California was an amazing trip!! We played 4 games against Pittsburgh, UCLA, Michigan, and Santa Clara.  Pittsburgh was a tough loss by two. We beat UCLA and Michigan, and we lost to Santa Clara by 1 in overtime. Highlights of the weekend were beating UCLA and the comeback in the Santa Clara game!! UCLA was a highlight due to the amazing play.. talk about Dawgs lacrosse! We held our own to the runner up in the national championship game last year. We came out strong and showed the West Coast Southern Lax!

Going into the half in the Santa Clara game we were down 1-10—a 9 goal deficit!!!! After an amazing half time speech by Melissa “Fetus” Moore, the team came together and pushed hard to the goal. At the end of the second half, the score was 11-11!!!! We went into overtime where each team scored a goal, then Santa Clara scored the final goal for the win, but it was overall an amazing comeback by the Dawgs.

Other shout outs go to Brooks Leavell for stepping up as a rookie and taking control of the UCLA game, our president- Kaitlin Shumate for planning the trip, and our captains- Taylor Lugash, Mary Cate McCue, and Michele Manis for leading the team every game!!

Other than lacrosse, we enjoyed team dinners, down time on the beach, pool, pier or shopping! On the way back to the airport we spent the day in Santa Monica where we got to shop, spend time on the beach and enjoy dinner! It was such an amazing trip!!!


GT, Auburn & Clemson

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Hey Dawg Fans!

Our first game of the season against Tech on March 3rd was a success! We won 19-9! We had one of the best crowds yet! Tons of parents and friends came for the game in Atlanta as well as some girls from the Mill Creek feeder program, and some ATL players and coaches, also we had tons of alumni come up for the game including Laura “Bean” and Sarah “Kane” from last season! The team played their first game together and started meshing immediately! Big plays on offense by Lisa “Avatar” Riondet and Kaitlin Shumate and Michele Manis held the defense together and had tons of checks throughout the game!

Saturday was a fun and cold day of lacrosse! We started the morning with a win over Auburn 20-3! Then Clemson played Auburn for a win, and at 4, we played Clemson and won 19-7! Jenna Dreyer was a huge impact all over the field completing tons of transitions, assists and goals. Emily Seidel was great in the goal stopping countless shots! We had tons of different girls making goals and worked together all over the field! We have had such a great start to the season!

The next time our team will be playing is out in SANTA BARBARA! We are all so excited to get out to California and play 4 top 20 teams! Not to mention the warmth, beaches, and whale watching! It should be an exciting weekend with great lacrosse! We now have the schedule for Santa Barbara & ATOWN on the website so check them out!



Tis the Season!

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Hey Dawg Fans!

We have our official 2012 team! We are so excited to have 13 new rookies and are very excited for what they are going to bring to the team! Our season this year should be very challenging and fun and we are looking forward to some great games!

We are kicking off our fundraising tomorrow by hosting a clinic at Duncan Creek Park for the Mill Creek lacrosse programs! It is going to be a full day of lax and fun!



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Sorry for the delay dawg fans!!

These past couple weeks have been so hectic between SWLL Playday, the GA/FL game, and school! The roster and schedule have yet to be finalized but I will get that out to you asap!

As far as SWLL Playday/Tryouts, it was a very successful day! We came out of the play day 3-1 with our only loss to Ole Miss! The team played great! The rookies really came out and showed their best and really started to mesh with the returners…which resulted in a big win again Florida! Although this was an end to our fall ball, it really got everyone pumped up for the spring, and we all want to make this the most successful year yet!! Stay tuned for updates with the team as far as the roster & schedule for the spring!!


SWLL Play Day & Tryouts!

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Hey Dawg Fans!!

We have a lax filled weekend coming up! On October 22nd, we have our SWLL Playday at the Owl’s Nest at Kennesaw State University. We will be playing four 40 minute games. These games will also serve as our tryouts for the team’s 2012 season!!! We are so excited to get our new team and start working to make this our best season yet!!


9:50- 10:30 UGA vs. Ole Miss (Field 2)

11:30-12:10 UGA vs. Emory (Field 2)

2:00-2:40 UGA vs. UT (Field 1)

3:40-4:20 UGA vs. UF (Field 1)

The schools address is:

3220 Busbee Drive

Kennesaw, GA 30144

We had our first scrimmage of the fall on October 3rd against Clemson! The game was a lot of fun and we won 18-6. It was great to see how well our returners meshed with all the new girls playing fall ball! Lisa “Avatar” Riondet did great on the draws, Murphy Ferguson had some sick crease rolls that led to several goals, and MC McCue and Michele Manis led the defense as usual! It was an overall great start for the team and we’re looking to keep it up this coming weekend!


Information Meeting!!

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Hey Dawg Fans!!!

There will be an information meeting on Wednesday August 31st @ 7:00 pm in Ramsey room 213!! Please come if you’re thinking about playing fall ball and/or trying out in the spring! Can’t wait to see everyone there!!


Kelly (aka Dale)

Interested Players!

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Hey Dawg Fans!
I’m Kelly, the new Public Relations chair for the lacrosse team, so I’ll be doing my best to fill Kane’s shoes!! I hope everyone has had a smooth move in or will have a smooth move in!
For girls who are interested in playing fall ball and/or trying out:: be looking for an update about when the information meeting will be! You can follow the Women’s Lacrosse Team on twitter, facebook, this blog, or our website (
We have an awesome exec board put together (which you can check out on our website) and we are hoping to make this the best year yet!! Hope you all are getting excited about living in athens and playing some lax!